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HIPAA-compliant Messaging System for your Office

Secure Delivery Server can be used for secure communication between your office, among personnel in the office and field, or with your after-hours call center. This versatile messaging system works with desktops, laptops, Apple and Android phones or tablets, providing easy communications with and between all your people, safely and securely. This system does not store any messages on your mobile device, making it a HIPAA/HITECH compliant system. Employing the latest mobile device technologies, the Secure Delivery Server will alert you via a Notification on your phone that a new message is waiting. With a tap on the Secure Delivery App and a simple password entry, you immediately access any new messages that are pending for you. By tapping on a message in the list, you can view it in detail.


Your Client ID (username) is pre-programmed for you and your password can be customized to your preference.


Messages are organized in scrollable lists, and advance from ‘New’ to ‘In-Process’ to ‘Completed’ as you read and process them. This is done by tapping a ‘Message Action’ button when viewing the message. Per your preference, the call center will consider a message ‘Delivered’ based on it being viewed or marked as either ‘In-process’ or ‘Completed’. 


Other actions include the ability to send a ‘Reply’ back to the Call Center regarding the message. This could signal follow-up action required on the message at the call center. All replies are tracked in the message and can be reviewed later. 


When using your phone, you can tap on a phone number in the message to initiate a call to the specified number. 


You can also ‘Forward’ a message to another member of your work group. This kind of interaction is carried on in ‘Notes’, which provide a way to collaborate on the follow up required on the message. 


A ‘star’ icon visually identifies those messages that are ‘New’, ‘In-Process’ or ‘Complete’  


The Secure Delivery App provides a way to pre-define often used replies and phrases to save time in communicating with the call center or with other members of your group.


When choosing ‘Forward’ as a message action, a ‘Note’ is created with the message embedded. Additional text can be added for comment as the message is made available, through the Note, to other members of the group. 

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