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Funeral Homes

We collect ALL first-call information and dispatch to your on-call director. This includes verbally and via text/email to their smart phone. We give out obituary information to after-hours callers as well as getting families in need in contact with your on-call director. We have been tactfully working with grieving families for nearly twenty years. Whether your funeral home serves over 700 families per year, or less than 40 – we can provide you with the service your families demand and deserve.




We triage your after-hours calls and get the information to your on-call nurse immediately. If desired, we can “patch” the caller straight through to your on-call nurse. We are experienced in helping families with sick or dying loved ones and know how to handle your calls with compassion and professionalism. Have just one on-call nurse, great; have twenty or more, we can handle that too.

Property Management

Don’t let your maintenance person – or yourself – get bombarded with after-hours maintenance calls that aren’t emergencies. We all know that every tenant thinks THEIR call is an emergency – even when it truly is not. Let us field those calls and, using your explicit criteria for what an emergency is, only contact you or your maintenance staff when the situation truly warrants it. Whether you have 1 or 10,000 units, we can handle your tenants and their after-hours needs.




When the heat goes out at 2am in February, your loyal clients want a LIVE PERSON to answer your phone so they KNOW something is being done. Don’t let them get a machine, or their next step will be to get out the Yellow Pages. Your commercial HVAC/Refrigeration clients want to know that your company has their back for after-hours emergencies. We have been providing 24/7 support to our HVAC/R clients for over 20 years – we should be doing it for your company too. Give your clients (and potential clients) the assurance that you have their back, because we have yours!


We have over two decade’s experience helping our medical and dental clientele after-hours with their emergency calls. We understand that not every call is a bona fide medical emergency, so let us triage your calls after-hours. We will utilize your explicit instructions to contact your on-call doctor(s) as the situation warrants. All non-emergency messages will be transmitted to the office staff the next morning to be handled.




How much work could you get done every day if you didn’t have to stop and answer your phone? How many important calls do you miss each day because you can’t stop what you’re doing to answer? How many calls do you get each day from numbers you do not recognize? Stop worrying about the phone and get back to the hard work that is paying your bills. Let us answer your calls all day long – we’ll text you out what each call is about (and weed out the telemarketers) – you only have to stop working if the message is urgent. No more costly interruptions.

24/7 Service Providers

Do you run a 24/7 service business? Are you tied to your phone 24/7? Why not let us field those calls for you so you can get the important work done during the day. We send you your messages via text or email and you can decide which ones warrant you stopping what you are doing to handle. Are you paying too much for office staff? Why pay a receptionist thousands per month, when you can pay us so much less to field your calls and handle customer service for you? We have been doing just that for many clients for two decades.


Virtual Office


Have a great business but don’t want to pay through the teeth for a receptionist at the front desk? Have a business that doesn’t require a store front but you want the feel of a larger business when people call? We have been helping clients just like you for nearly 20 years. We field your calls 24/7 (or when you want us to), the caller assumes we are “in the office” and they are speaking with one of your employees. We collect all the information you need from each caller and send it immediately out to your phone via text or email. Don’t pay expensive rent. Don’t pay a receptionist thousands per month – save that money to boost your bottom line. We never call in sick, we never need a vacation, and none of those pesky government taxes and filings.

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